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New Jersey Accident Investigations

Accident investigations are common, but it is critical that a professional and thorough job is done. Our detectives are experienced investigating various types of accidents ranging from car or trucking accidents to slip and fall investigations.

Motor Vehicle Accidents

  • Review of reports
  • Identify witnesses and surveillance video footage
  • Follow-up identified witnesses
  • Conduct interviews and compile statements
  • Expert accident reconstructionist
  • Event data recorder investigations of commercial and passenger motor vehicles
  • Recreational maritime accident investigations

Commercial Motor Vehicle, Truck, and Bus Accidents

  • Experienced large truck and bus accident investigators
  • Familiar with Federal, State and Local Motor Carrier rules and regulations
  • Review of Post-Crash Investigations
  • Review of driver and company safety requirements and data
  • School Bus Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

  • OSHA Inspection, regulation, violation and investigation reviews
  • OPRA Requests for construction and building permits
  • Corporate and company background checks
  • Sub-contractor liability
  • Employee interviews
  • First responder interviews
  • Site photos and measurements

Slip, Trip, and Fall Accidents

  • Site surveys
  • Documenting, measuring and photographing steps and walkways for code violations
  • Obtaining and reviewing building and construction permits
  • Identifying contractors and sub-contractors
  • OPRA requests and obtaining all associated reports
  • Reviewing Best Practices and Housekeeping policies for businesses